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The Communications Department

What is Comms responsible for?
Someone in Comms is usually always monitoring the network. That's their job. Presently - with no communication with the outside world - that only means maintaining the internal comms based network, however external communications are now in progress. They monitor activity; i.e. listen on everything everyone is doing; facilitate the delivery of messages to the right departments; i.e. making sure doctors get to medical emergencies; and keep an eye out for strange activities, broken messages, hidden codes--basically anything dodgy going on with the network itself.

As an extension of this, they are now moving into providing a base of operations for tracking everyone on board using comms signals, sourcing that information out to the relevant departments, archiving all information past and present on the network, and setting up programs that are designed to recognise specific words, whether they be spoken or written, and flag them accordingly.

Comms, as a result of handling all the information on board, usually employs people who are naturally cautious or good with computers, and their security measures are quite high; they are, after all, poking their nose into other people's privacy more often than not--but it's for the good of the ship, they swear! More important is making sure that information stays soundly behind their doors, as being very private, paranoid people themselves, they're understandably prudent about what they do with other people's secrets.

Where is the Comms department and what is it like?

The Comms department takes up an area of what was once the first floor of the residential area: i.e. 001. Sitting further down the corridor than Tony Stark's grossly oversized science lab - ask anyone in Comms - the department takes up a number of rooms, converted into a space that has been significantly improved since its original development.

There are several entrances and two levels. Entering on the top level, a walkway leads around past a large screen showing an activity map. Some areas are in better detail than others, as the system is in the process of being developed. Two smaller screens can be manipulated to show the ship from top and front views. Several more public computers used for training purposes or for those new to comms that have yet to earn their trust are also kept up here; this is where you'll work if you're new to the department. Further, the main servers are all kept on the top level, in order to keep them cool and functioning. Furthest on the right is a small separate room where Comms keep their coffee machine.

On the centre of the next level down, a number of round tables are surrounded by chairs. Underneath the walkway, Comms' occupants have built their nests. Some are more private than others. Pieces of scrap make dividers between the work spaces, consoles and computers and miles of cable link the department together. Clever minds over the last few months of occupation have made it into an efficient system, where information can be identified, labeled, shared, hacked or archived.

Comms' computer system is fast, efficient and well defended. Encryptions put into place by the varied hackers and technopaths who have worked there have gone into making it a fortress.

Ongoing Projects:
Putting an automatic system in place that recognises specific words and sends alerts to the relevant departments. 20% complete
When you write a post to the network that says something like 'There's been an accident' or 'I need a doctor' or 'Someone's been shot', emergency responses are usually a case of someone being on the network right then to respond to your emergency call. This project will make it so that certain phrases will trigger an alarm call to the relevant departments. If someone's been shot, security and medical will immediately be updated, speeding up response times, and when the tracking system is implemented too, then the location, too, will be texted right to the relevant individuals.

Voice and comm device recognition, with individual numbered idents and ideally a name for each comm device. 80% complete
At the present Comms is set up so that when a device is turned on, it can be identified only by number, and even then this can be masked. Masking the device number will continue to be possible, i.e. anonymous, so long as the anonymous poster is suitably tech savvy, or has been instructed as to how. At present, Comms' map shows only the numbers of devices, which can be crossmatched against a separate list of names. The finished job will allow names to be permanently linked to numbers. This is really more of an aesthetic update than anything else, however it will also allow - through voice identification - posts between multiple people to be archived in the files of each contributor.

Building a reliable tracking system that can pinpoint lost devices with more accuracy. 80%
When someone needs to be found quickly, this relies on a map of the ship, which is created by pinpointing the locations of everyone on board at any moment in time. Those pinpoints can be decks out, and correcting that room for error is one of the biggest priorities in the Comms department, and is pretty important for Security and Medical too. By setting up extra routers, as well as using active devices, refinements are being made that will narrow down the search. It's a very practical job, and December's lack of resources put the work back. Remember, as stated in the game info, a map of the ship is neither provided nor accessible.
The Comms map at about 14:00 hours on any one afternoon
The movement of these dots has created a projected 'map', but as you can perhaps imagine, it doesn't show much, and there is a vast chasm of space undiscovered.

Archiving the old information on the network, and creating a tagging system by which posts can be looked up ICly. 95%
With the network being down, each and every previous post to the network has been archived and connected with a number. These are being pigeon holed i.e. tagged, into collections identified by the user's name and number. The idea is that characters will be able to use the game's tag system to search previous posts on the network. The discrepency is obviously anonymous posts. No anonymous posts appear ICly in character's tags. Instead, they will be archived ICly under 'anonymous', and Comms has them collected into projected anonymous identities, and flagged by threat levels for Security's sake. Smiley's at the top of that list too.

Trying to get the ship's standard communications network up and running, particularly considering December's loss of the network, in order to facilitate communication in an emergency. 15% - TEMPORARILY SUSPENDED
The ship has an internal communications system which isn't working, and hasn't been despite previous efforts to get it going. It would let people use consoles to maintain contact with each other, but the damage to the ship itself isn't the only thing preventing it, and the process has stalled. Smiley, mysterious alternate networks--the thing is, the new arrivals can't even get the emergency system to work for them, so don't expect this to be happening any time soon.

Members of Comms are also working on:
Attempting to decrypt ANY private information, ranked by priority. i.e. encrypted replies by Smiley would be Priority One.
Attempting to amalgamate 'anonymous' messages into unique 'anonymous' identities.
Building games like Pong that work on Comms devices, or apps that make it possible for people to listen to music.
Other things?

So you just signed up for Comms--

First of all thanks for coming, you'll fit in well here, probably even if you're doing something shady, so long as that shadiness doesn't get in the way of your work. The Comms department are a close knit group of incredibly private individuals, and although initially suspicious of newcomers, tend to open up to people who are like themselves quickly enough.

Your first week or two of working in Comms will be spent on the top level on the limited access terminal. Remember, it's a department of ex-hackers, meaning if you come in trying to cause trouble or rake the system for data, you'll be in all kinds of trouble. You'll start off working - unless given special provisions to do otherwise - listening to the public network and reporting anything that seems odd, suspicious or dangerous, and archiving those recordings accordingly.

After that, welcome to the team. You'll be expected to at least work with people 'on-line', which is within the comms network, expected to keep private information private, and be able to dedicate extra time to the department in times of emergency. Oh, and you'll need to make a certain amount of coffee yourself, too. There's no need to prove your work, nobody's going to punish you for pursuing your own projects--you'll be taken at your word.

Most of the time.
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This is where people who've lost someone can leave a short message to their loved one in the hope that they return to the Tranquility to read it, or simply as a prayer for their well being no matter where they are.

It is a ring binder with sheets of hand-lined paper inside, and columns for the recipient's name or number if you have them, the message, and the sender's name or number.

The binder is on a table in front of the memorial wall beside the ship's chapel in the oxygen gardens, a small table lit by low lighting - but not candles - and set just out of the way, beside a wall of plants that look a little like poinsettia.

Please feel free to leave your messages below.
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Community Noticeboard

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Monthly Schedule
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16:00: Community council meeting
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Weekly Schedule
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Day 3 - Children's chapel and study: 20:00, Oxygen Gardens
Shooting lessons: All day, shooting range

Day 4 - Basketball Club, 14:00, 009 Gym
Day 5 - 18.00: Concert; Oxygen Gardens
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Day 7 - 08:00 Children's chapel; Oxygen Gardens; 10.00: Weekly chapel; Oxygen Gardens

IC Contact

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You've reached Senator Nathan Petrelli. If I'm not answering your call please leave me a message, and I'll get back to you just as soon as I can.
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V. Villain. If you have any advice/issues with the way that I play Nathan, just throw me a line here. Comments are screened, IP logging is off, and anonymous is on.
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Resnik said that the ship didn't have an AI. Untested engines. Crew becoming dangerous (Gallagher). Wardnik state that Captain went mad. Not sure whether to believe that either, considering Gallagher's later posts he still seems to be quite in charge of his senses. Crew supposedly disappears, conveniently leaving only Ward and Resnik, who take over and then a month later are joined by the first wave of arrivals. They cooperate with the arrivals up until November/December, and then disappear. Seemed genuine, got on well with Hotspur, even arranged his memorial themselves. Hotspur had recovered the message and needed to speak to them urgently, he dies, the doors locking on him. Suspicious among us presumed Wardnik responsible, but cooperation trumped suspicion. The List, widely supposed to be a list of people to kill, but what is its real meaning? Smiley appears. He tells Stark that he's watching us, that he has many eyes. The red text is helpful and offers timely warnings. It protects the crew, and has no affection for Wardnik, as demonstrated by the recording of the Scylla crews' death and the recent message. However the red text also matches an alert recieved by Comms after Wardnik went missing, during the month where everyone was in a coma. In this message, by Gallagher, the red text seemed to be a computerised emergency protocol that made sure the right departments were pinged and herded passengers; damage control? If this is correct, then what the red text - Smiley - is doing, is protecting the ship from a threat: Wardnik? Manticores? Perhaps bringing people here was the same system in play, protecting the ship by bringing in more people to run the systems? Veracity of AI denial uncertain. Intentional, maybe. Possible that the ship adapted? Moreover, what is it that was affecting the crew and making them crazy? Jumps? Wardnik? Ship? Something else? Why develop vacicine? What are monsters? Black holes? Ship's destination? Still too many questions. This post is an abberation. Mentions people being in stasis, however with the two following messages, recovered by Hotspur it makes no sense. When was it recorded? How does it sit with a Gallagher who is happily anticipating a jump? Who are they looking for? It sounds like it must be from afterwards, but look at the message Gallagher records after the jump: It wasn't our fault. It's an emergency recording. Nothing can come after that, surely? So how is it that they're all in stasis? What for? Is this happening now, or was it recorded at the same time as the above? If it is happening now, perhaps the above is too. Is it possible? Could there be two ships? The recording insists that it's being broadcast live. So let's say it is. We know that Robins were looking for a woman. Captain? Resnik? Ward isn't subordinate in this conversation.
Before the jump Five days after the jump. Too much here unexplained as of yet. What has happened to the crew? Did they go mad as implied? Is this when they vanished? What became of Gallagher? Please god I hope we make it. How much of this is lies? No AI. Can't turn around. Gallagher went mad. Crew disappeared. Resnik was an Engineer: WHO IS WARD? making things work right and not poking smiley. you're on fire. Succeed and give and it helps you live but no man can help you die. 'It', which later becomes a clue in of itself. Try not to die. WHEREFORE ALSO I WILL DARE THAT CONTEST, MONSTROUS AS IT IS, THOUGH IT BE MY DOOM TO DIE. FOR NOTHING WILL FALL UPON MEN MORE DREAD THAN DIRE NECESSITY, WHICH INDEED CONSTRAINED ME TO COME HITHER AT A KING'S COMMAND.
" D O N ' T B E L I E V E E V E R Y T H I N G T H E Y T E L L Y O U. " Hotspur's death. Audio part one: Audio part two: The helpful smiley strikes again. Saves Peter's life. Saves everyone. FOLLOW ME IF YOU WANT TO LIVE :) I've been watching you. You've been doing well so far. I can't wait to see what you'll do next. Speaking to us, or them? Looking for the wrong captain, this one female. Not Gallagher. Resnik? In her first post, Resnik seemed adamant Ward was in command. She went out of her way to reenforce it. I know what you belong to. Interrogate Neal Caffrey? Stark too. No riddles, cut the bullshit and out with it. People who get lost can't go back? Bound to the ship, lose part of themselves? Caffrey calls them imposters too. Transplants? Replaced? Wrong? Perhaps the 'craziness' seen in the crew is a reflection of the same craziness we see in Caffrey, Robins etc. Intentional? Part of some power struggle? And did we mention creepy as fuck. And Ward kills everyone. He's sorry.

Remaining list members:
Jaye Rinnark, Nathan Petrelli, Robb Stark, Jim Moriarty, Chapel Hill, Ned the Piemaker, Tony Stark, Neal Caffrey, Riddick


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